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  • New Program Host Step 1 (The Mixer) (1)

    Congratulations on becoming a Melanated Community Radio program host, before you get started there is a few things you will need to broadcast. Note: Windows operating systems only
    1. You will need a mixer and we recommend Voice Meeter or Voice Meeter Banana you can find the product here https://www.vb-audio.comwe commend downloading the regular Voice Meter and not the Banana. There has been issues with the recorder on Banana so to eliminate the potential we recommend using the voice recorder on the computer.
    2. Once you have installed and software and restarted your system. in the taskbar, right click on the speaker icon. Go into playback and make Voice Meeter the default device. At the top, go into recorder and make Voice Meeter the default device. Voice Meeter should be defalut device on both the playback and recorder Note: Not Voice Meeter Aux. If you decide to use Voice Meeter Banana the same setting work. If at any time you hear scratchy and computer like sound when you speak or other sound comes through. Go into menu and restart audio engine.
    3. Test the software out by listening to music and a talk show to adjust volume levels. We also recommend youtube videos on the product.

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